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Action Games

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Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 159,087 plays
Earn to Die 2012

Smash through hordes of zombies as you drive your way through a zombie apocalypse, unlocking and upgrading vehicles along the way.

by: Toffee Games
Zombo Buster Rising Zombo Buster Rising 156,303 plays
Zombo Buster Rising

Forget the elevators and strategy, it's time to shoot'em all!!!

Zombo Buster has finished their mission a while ago with the elevator technique. Meanwhile, some hopeless survivors are still struggling against horde of zombies.

Screw the strategy, it's time to shoot'em all!

by: Firebeast Studios
Pyro Jump Pyro Jump 205,164 plays
Pyro Jump

Leap from one wheel to another and try to catch Princess Paper in a hundred or so levels full of pitfalls.

by: Pinpin Team
Three Thieving Thugs Three Thieving Thugs 175,355 plays
Three Thieving Thugs

Get ready for a challenging adventure full of action and explosions, enjoy 13 levels in different settings, including the desert, a ghost town, and the big city.
Escape from the cops, don't get caught with the booty, use different weapons such as Uzis and bazookas, AK-47, grenade launchers, missile launchers, baby bottle launchers, and much...

by: Qky Games
Demonic Flower Demonic Flower 200,308 plays
Demonic Flower

Help the king destroy hordes of enemies while searching for gifts for the princesses! Find the elusive Demonic Flower, the greatest gift of them all, in this humorous defense game!

Battle four campaigns against elves, orcs, undead and demons. Upgrade your army, call for reinforcement on the battlefield, and use all tactics at your disposal...

by: Deqaf Studio
Vamp's Revenge Vamp's Revenge 200,399 plays
Vamp's Revenge

Updated.. V1.01 An original, cute, and insanely fun launcher game with polished graphics and a fun story line.

Little Vamp has been bullied all of his life by his eternal nemesis, Wolfy the Werewolf. When Vamp fell in love at first sight with a girl he bumped into at a bus stop, Wolfy stepped in and ruined everything again! But this time...

by: Mojiken Studio
Dangerous Adventure Dangerous Adventure 268,507 plays
Dangerous Adventure

Amazing dungeon adventure game with gem-matching puzzle mechanics! Five heroes joined forces to fulfill their dreams! Explore a dangerous cave, kill enemies, open chests - earn gold! Between battles, you can improve their heroes and buy new items at the tavern.


- Match gems to perform attacks
- Puzzle/skill meets...

by: Deqaf Studio
Bean Fiend Bean Fiend 165,532 plays
Bean Fiend

Climb the bean stock and collect golden beans. Watch out for bees, crabs and other crazy creatures. Watch out, the world is flooding, climb fast!

by: JJWallace
Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket 168,027 plays
Wonder Rocket

Blast your wonder rocketing into outer space! Upgrade your rocket, collection coins and dodge space cheese!

by: JJWallace
Nog Nog 164,481 plays

Hop through a crazy world looking for your lost girl friend. Smash mushrooms and jump on top of enemies.

by: JJWallace
Paint Land Paint Land 189,926 plays
Paint Land

A colorfully frantic tactical game with amazing graphics and quick decision making. You must guide your multicolored paint through 15 levels, while avoiding traps and battling armies of black paint. Move fast or you'll be swallowed by the black void!

by: OneGoodGame
Crystallium Wars TD Crystallium Wars TD 177,200 plays
Crystallium Wars TD

Crystallium Wars is an action-packed, advanced tower defense. Defend your base as you colonize exotic planets, mine precious crystals, and unlock advanced weaponry. In this hero-based action TD, you control your armed shuttle craft capable of both constructing towers and engaging enemies directly.

by: RND Game Studios
Doors 2: Dave's New Job Doors 2: Dave's New Job 172,437 plays
Doors 2: Dave's New Job

It's Dave's first day at a new job, and it turns out his new co-workers don't like the new guy. They leave Dave stuck on the top floor of the construction site, little do they know he has a trick up his sleeve...

by: Arctic Arcade
Swindler 2 Swindler 2 212,633 plays
Swindler 2

Swindler is back for a bigger and better drop and roll puzzle filled adventure.

by: Nitrome
Rubble Trouble Moscow Rubble Trouble Moscow 170,947 plays
Rubble Trouble Moscow

Demolish using new tools and avoid hazards in the winter wonderland, Moscow!

by: Nitrome
Chisel 2 Chisel 2 178,051 plays
Chisel 2

Planet digging follow-up to the original Chisel game. Now with the power to rocket jump!

by: Nitrome
Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms 237,788 plays
Forbidden Arms

A mysterious warrior named Ichirou possesses the legendary forbidden sword. Tho the sword grants godly powers, it drinks the blood out of it's enemies and it's wielder. To satisfy the sword's thirst, you must slay ninjas that disturbed your deep stasis and discover the mystery that stirred them affray.

Special cover art by...

by: GodSeeD Studios
Rise of the Titans Rise of the Titans 264,073 plays
Rise of the Titans

Have you ever dreamt about being a giant monster and rampaging through human settlements, crushing puny humans and destroying buildings? Now you can!

by: Evil Space Chicken
Spanthera Spanthera 188,000 plays

Lizard enemies are invading your kingdom. Defeat them and protect Spanthera using your holy spear vibrissa!

See the walkthrough here:

by: Danish Goel
Jumping Long Jumping Long 252,411 plays
Jumping Long

Jump as far as you can in this addicting one button sports game. Get upgrades to better your jump and try to beat the World Record!

by: Danish Goel
Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 224,856 plays
Cursed Treasure 2

The hordes of good heroes come again. And they are hungry for gems more than ever because The King himself wants the stones for his private needs. Gather the evil forces, build towers, upgrade, drink soda, cast the mighty spells, do whatever you can but don't let them touch your gems!

Cursed Treasure:

by: IriySoft
Cursed Treasure Level Pack Cursed Treasure: Level Pack 147,457 plays
Cursed Treasure: Level Pack

Level pack for the popular tower defense game Cursed Treasure.

Take on the role as the evil overlord of the orcs, demons and the undead and protect you gems from being stolen by the righteous heroes.

Cursed Treasure:

Cursed Treasure 2:

by: IriySoft
Cursed Treasure Cursed Treasure 133,987 plays
Cursed Treasure

Protect your gems from being stolen by "good" heroes in this tower defense game. Overlord, you have all the power of orcs, undead and demons.

Cursed Treasure Level Pack:

Cursed Treasure 2:

by: IriySoft
Test Subject Complete Test Subject Complete 112,703 plays
Test Subject Complete

The concluding part to the action puzzle platforming Test Subject series.

by: Nitrome
Rubble Trouble Tokyo Rubble Trouble Tokyo 100,331 plays
Rubble Trouble Tokyo

Demolish Tokyo buildings with new tools in this Rubble Trouble follow up! Ichiban!

by: Nitrome
Loot Hero Loot Hero 261,514 plays
Loot Hero

A legendary Dragon is haunting the lands. Towns are set ablaze, and its magic power resurrects the evil creatures of the world. A hero is needed to travel to the corners of the lands and slay the beast to restore peace.

RPG grind-fest! Run, Battle ever harder enemies, Collect XP and Loot, Buy better equipment, Level Up, Do it all over again...

by: VaragtP
Swindler Swindler 45,864 plays

Drop, tangle & roll your way through this action packed puzzle filled adventure!

by: Nitrome
Mountain Maniac Xmas Mountain Maniac Xmas 34,810 plays
Mountain Maniac Xmas

The Mountain Man is back and crazier than ever! Help him smash boulders down the mountain to vent his rage and destory Santa's precious village. Control the boulder left and right with your raging mind power... smash as many things as you can on the way down for the ultimate xmas paypack!

by: Pixeljam
Chisel Chisel 38,515 plays

Tunnel your way through the ground to reduce the planets to the target size.

by: Nitrome
Captain Commander Captain Commander 27,751 plays
Captain Commander

Take control of the next great galactic military hero - Captain Commander. Blast your way across an alien planet and rescue captured soldiers from an abundance of uncomfortable probing. The Captain is proficient with guns, hand to hand combat, and alien vehicles so there will be plenty of havoc to wreak as you destroy the native population.

by: Pixeljam