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Sports Games

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Jumping Long Jumping Long 252,411 plays
Jumping Long

Jump as far as you can in this addicting one button sports game. Get upgrades to better your jump and try to beat the World Record!

by: Danish Goel
Hipster Kickball Hipster Kickball 21,551 plays
Hipster Kickball

Pit one weird social group against another in a healthy game of kickball! Play as hippies or hipsters and take to the backyard to rehash the game that defined your elementary school social status. Skinny jeans, trucker hats, energy crystals, and questionable hygiene abound! Bring your own beard and biting cynicism.

by: Pixeljam
Revolver Revolver 21,155 plays

Are you a real western gunslinger cowboy? Prove you have the fastest revolver in the West!

Shoot the target until it explodes (more than one shot needed!). Don't let targets fall to the floor or you lose a life. "Balance" several targets in the air at the same time for increased bonus. Destroy the star bottle to slow down...

by: Duque Karl
DriftRunners 3D DriftRunners 3D 32,693 plays
DriftRunners 3D

Race on an island with 12 different tracks, 4 cars, and multiple upgrades. Use the handbrake to start drifting, and get drift chains.

by: LongAnimals
Formula Racer 2012 Formula Racer 2012 69,854 plays
Formula Racer 2012

Exciting 3d F1 formula racing! Round 8 different tracks, configure and upgrade your car, weather hazards, achievements, and medals!

by: TurboNuke
American Racing 2 American Racing 2 45,022 plays
American Racing 2

American racing is back in American Racing 2, this time with more events, bigger crashes and even more cars to race against.

by: TurboNuke
Snowball Snowball! 77,064 plays

Dozens of neighborhood kids create the biggest and best snow-carved pinball table ever!

by: PixelJam
Soccer Balls 2 Soccer Balls 2 - Level Pack 31,402 plays
Soccer Balls 2 - Level Pack

The soccerballers are back again, this time with 36 brand new levels of soccer based fun. Pass to team mates and try to score all the goals and hit all the refs for a red card. Why do you need a red card? Well it's fun hitting refs, that's why.

by: TurboNuke
Avalanche Stunts Avalanche Stunts 29,194 plays
Avalanche Stunts

Nothing gets the adrenaline running like snowboarding in front of an avalanche!

by: Spil Games
Uphill Rush 5 Uphill Rush 5 56,059 plays
Uphill Rush 5

Slide, ride, and gallop your way to the ultimate racing title!

by: Spil Games
4x4 Soccer 4x4 Soccer 47,417 plays
4x4 Soccer

What's more exciting than soccer? 4x4 soccer! Pit your skills against the world's greatest in this clever twist on the classic sports game, and drive your way to victory!

by: Free Games For Your Website
Urban Micro Racers Urban Micro Racers 35,379 plays
Urban Micro Racers

Race to the finish line in this excellent driving game. collect powerups on the track, unlock new cars and be the best on the track.

Football Rush Football Rush 8,367 plays
Football Rush

Dodge, bash and dash past the opposition as you run to make the winning touchdown! Take advantage of four different power-ups along the way to aid you to victory!

Wonderputt Wonderputt 13,555 plays

Putt your way to par perfection on this magical mini-golf course!

by: dampgnat
BasketBalls BasketBalls 16,621 plays

More Ballsy Basketball fun from turbonuke.

by: LongAnimals
Touchdown: American Football Touchdown: American Football 16,994 plays
Touchdown: American Football

You'll need some serious skills (or a miracle) to score the winning touchdown!

Arcade Baseball Arcade Baseball 8,481 plays
Arcade Baseball

Just landing a hit won't cut it. You need to have accuracy and precision in this ball game!

Table Rugby Table Rugby 8,493 plays
Table Rugby

Come to the team's rescue and score the winning goal of the day!

Boarder XL Boarder XL 7,331 plays
Boarder XL

The "XL" stands for "extra large." As in "air." Catch it, dude.

Tennis Tennis 7,909 plays

Game, Set and Match. The three magical words to any Tennis player around the world. Grab your racquet and your sweatbands as you play through the tournament to win that trophy.