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Paint Land

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Paint Land
by: OneGoodGame

Game Description

A colorfully frantic tactical game with amazing graphics and quick decision making. You must guide your multicolored paint through 15 levels, while avoiding traps and battling armies of black paint. Move fast or you'll be swallowed by the black void!


Drag and drop to send units from base to base. Drag over multiple bases to multi-select. Or click a source and destination base to send half your units at a time.

- Normal pods generate blue (default) paint units.
- Green paint captures bases with double force.
- Pink paint moves twice as fast.

Paint Land 2.616325 5 1223
Added on 6th of May, 2014
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21st of November, 2015

love this game

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14th of April, 2015

You have made some levels to hard
Lv 7 and 11 are to anoying
to many bulbs at the end of Lv 12

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5th of September, 2014


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3rd of June, 2014

love this game

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10th of May, 2014

panget ya ta to thinking

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