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Three Thieving Thugs

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Three Thieving Thugs
by: Qky Games

Game Description

Get ready for a challenging adventure full of action and explosions, enjoy 13 levels in different settings, including the desert, a ghost town, and the big city.
Escape from the cops, don't get caught with the booty, use different weapons such as Uzis and bazookas, AK-47, grenade launchers, missile launchers, baby bottle launchers, and much more. Use everything within your grasp to be the 21st Century's richest criminal.


- Use the mouse to aim.
- Shoot ammo packs to refill your weapon.
- Shoot med kits and gas tanks to refill your health and fuel.
- Upgrade your weapons, health, and vehicle from the menu's update screen

Three Thieving Thugs 2.441765 5 1243
Added on 5th of June, 2014
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24th of September, 2014

how are you

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30th of September, 2014 @julia8307

having fun

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22nd of November, 2014 @jason

are you talking to me

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26th of November, 2014 @11zest88md

i guess not

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