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Vamp's Revenge

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Vamp's Revenge
by: Mojiken Studio

Game Description

Updated.. V1.01 An original, cute, and insanely fun launcher game with polished graphics and a fun story line.

Little Vamp has been bullied all of his life by his eternal nemesis, Wolfy the Werewolf. When Vamp fell in love at first sight with a girl he bumped into at a bus stop, Wolfy stepped in and ruined everything again! But this time, Vamp has had enough! He must take revenge by destroying the moon, Wolfy's source of power!


Mouse only.

- To launch, click at the ideal time.
- During flight, move the mouse to avoid enemies, and click to smash enemies underneath.
- During battle time, aim at enemies with the mouse and punch them by clicking. You can also dodge enemies by punching.

Vamp's Revenge 3.01646 5 1760
Added on 28th of May, 2014
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